OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS Semiconductor Market Research



 Competitive Analysis
What competitive environment will your prospective new or revised product face? How is your company currently faring against competition? Everyone in your firm knows your company’s products, but what do your customers believe? “If we build it, will they come?” These are a few of the questions that will be answered with the help of the experts on the Objective Analysis team. You can harness unbiased, third-party data and analysis to evaluate the entire competitive landscape, giving your company the information it needs to excel against competitors. Objective Analysis performs detailed analysis of each competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, tactics, corporate culture, customer base, technology, and a plethora of other aspects of success. Our clients receive custom reports that give them the specific information they need in a timely manner to enable key management decisions.

 Financial Analysis, Investment Due Diligence
How do you determine the impact of an investment question that requires an extraordinarily deep understanding of semiconductor industry dynamics and technology? What is the value of an acquisition? How will a new product or technology contribute to operating income? What is an appropriate contribution margin or EBITDA analysis that would permit financial understanding of the product or acquisition? The answers to these questions may be derived through consultation with Objective Analysis’ team of experts who routinely uncover data, forecast trends, and understand markets that are difficult for financial interests to evaluate or even to find major factors that will affect value. This is a key skill of our analysts: triangulating on data points and industry insider information that cannot be determined through direct review of financials. The analysts at Objective Analysis specialize in uncovering information that is not generally unavailable. For the investor, this can make the difference in making high-value decisions to improve financial gain or to avoid a disappointing loss. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, our analysis provides the benchmark by which a business success can be distinguished from a catastrophic failure.

The Objective Analysis team has several years of experience in forecasting and finding market indicators. This enables us to view forecasting as a straightforward task to which we can apply many well-tested methods and data sources. Objective Analysis’ forecasting methods employ not only industry and economic data but also innovative forecasting techniques. Our staff builds credibility by backing its work with clearly-stated methodologies that lead to accurate results, methodologies we present openly, removing questions about derivation of the analysts’ numbers.

 Custom Consulting
Consulting is one of Objective Analysis’ key strengths. Our analysts pride themselves in delivering in-depth accurate reports on-time and to specifications. The Objective Analysis consulting methodology involves the setting of clearly-stated goals which are then acted upon and delivered to the client with a goal of maximizing return and minimizing time to market. Analysts follow through to assure that reports and presentations meet your needs for quality and depth. We provide highly-targeted products, including detailed competitive analyses, price & delivery updates, market analyses, independent reviews of technology, and sales and revenue projections.

 Competitive Advantage
Sometimes the most difficult task in distinguishing your company’s products from your competitors’ or even in discerning one company from another involves an in-depth understanding of the positioning and differentiation of competitors and their products. Objective Analysis’ staff delivers data and analysis that allows our clients to truly understand how their products stack up against competing products. Objective Analysis helps firms to better position products to bring increased value through optimal technology choices, product differentiation recommendations, image review and enhancement, service recommendations, time to market requirements, or other price/benefit improvements.

If you want to really truly know what your competitor, customer, or supplier is up to, simply picking up the phone to talk to them will only get you the answer they want you to hear. Normally, anyone you talk to is likely to put a spin on their story to better satisfy the relationship they want to foster, and, of course, your competition is likely to refuse to talk to you at all. When an unbiased third-party from Objective Analysis performs a survey, the resulting data is much more likely to be a clean version of the story. Our analysts have years of experience in finding and interviewing people who know and will reveal the truth; this skill has saved our clients countless hours of digging for information and the cost of making decisions based upon faulty intelligence.

 White Papers
When it comes to reviewing a technology or demonstrating a product’s market advantage, the staff of Objective Analysis has strengths that are hard to match. Our considerable depth helps us quickly drive to the heart of the matter in any technology of interest to our clients. Our analysts’ highly-polished writing skills then allow Objective Analysis to present compelling arguments in a compelling style, engaging readers and convincing them that products or technology in question are appropriate for their intended markets. We welcome the opportunity to create works which help our clients further their position and penetration of target markets.

Expert Witness
The analysts at Objective Analysis are highly respected in their fields, and, as a result, have been called upon for expert testimony and look forward to more such opportunities in the future. We pride ourselves in the ability to objectively cut through the intricacies of the technology and provide an understanding of the salient points without losing focus or getting bogged down in unnecessary detail. At the same time, we are communicators who excel at explaining technologies and market impacts in easy to understand terms to an audience that may not be well versed in that technology. Clear, concise, credible and explanations characterize the expert witness service of Objective Analysis.

It is often said that the way to determine if an expert truly understands his specialty is if he can make it understandable to someone from outside his field. This is an area in which the Objective Analysis staff shines. Our analysts can take the most abstruse concepts and present them to any audience in a way that gives clarity and understanding to the level of our clients’ needs. With our years of experience training others in technology and technology markets, we help our clients or our clients’ audiences (i.e. employees, investors, or potential customers) to peer through technological fog and gain expertise in subjects key to our clients growth. We are accustomed to presenting hour-long to day-long seminars to groups of 10-1,000 making sure that they gain knowledge and understanding, whether in a sales meeting, an investor seminar, or in a similar event.