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Storage UnpackedChris Evans of Storage Unpacked interviews Jim Handy about flash and persistent memory in a two-part podcast recorded in December 2016. Click to hear Part 1 and Part 2.

Silverton ConsultingRay Lucchesi of Silverton Consulting and Howard Marks of Deep Storage, The Graybeards of Storage, interview Jim Handy about the August 2016 Flash Memory Summit. Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

TechTargetJim Handy is featured in a May 2016 TechTarget podcast: “Analyst: 3D NAND technology could stick around for 20 years“. Hear why NAND flash is moving to 3D, and the impact this will bring to computing systems.

Computer Outlook

John Iasiuolo and Sharon Fry of Computer Outlook interview Jim Handy at the Storage Visions 2013 Conference, Las Vegas, Jan 7, 2013.

Storage IO

Greg Shulz of StorageIO interviews Jim Handy about the past, present, and future of SSDs, Nov 13, 2012.