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Objective Analysis offers third-party independent market research and data for the semiconductor industry and investors in the semiconductor industry.

Founded by leading industry experts, Objective Analysis provides excellence in market data, reviews of technology, analysis, and custom consulting.

Through our analysts’ comprehensive industry backgrounds and deep understanding in their fields, the company provides clients with a rare level of insight and fact-based research into the “why” and “how” of the industry.

An extraordinary array of industry contacts allows Objective Analysis to find data you need to make strategic decisions and to understand your competitive environment.

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Lane Mason, a highly-respected and longstanding memory analyst, recently passed away.  As former workmates of his, Objective Analysis mourns his departure, and is grateful for the enormous influence he has had on us, and on the entire semiconductor memory business.  When he first began his analyst career in 1974, the memory market was a mere shadow of the $100 billion giant that it has become today.  Thank you, Lane, for being a beacon for the memory business.

On December 18 Objective Analysis released its 2024 forecast.  It’s not as optimistic as many others, and the video at the bottom of our Forecast Accuracy page explains why.  Click on the 2024 link to watch a 20-minute interview of Jim Handy and TechInsights Vice Chair Dan Hutcheson to understand why we project modest growth for the year.

Report: Emerging Memories Branch Out

Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates are proud to release our sixth-annual update of our acclaimed report on emerging memory technologies.  To learn more, go to the Objective Analysis In-Depth Reports page.

2023 Forecast

Final SIA numbers are in for 2023 semiconductor revenues.  The Objective Analysis 2023 forecast published back in November 2022 called for a steeper downturn than has been reported, with our estimate at -19% and the actuals dropping by only 8.2%. While that’s a sizeable difference, it compares well against other forecasters’ predictions at the end of 2022.

Storage Newsletter Ranks Objective Analysis in Top Ten

Objective Analysis has been ranked by Storage Newsletter as one of their top ten: “Best Analyst Companies for Storage.”  This puts in a league with IDC, Gartner, Trendfocus, and TrendForce.  Naturally, we’re proud to have achieved this ranking, and thank Storage Newsletter for the kudos.

Objective Analysis Briefs

We recently released a number of new white papers that we call Objective Analysis Briefs.  These are affordable downloadable documents that say a lot in a quick read.  Check them out on our “Briefs” page.