Financial Analysis, Investment Due Diligence

  • How do you determine the impact of an investment question that requires an extraordinarily deep understanding of semiconductor industry dynamics and technology?
  • What is the value of an acquisition?
  • How will a new product or technology contribute to operating income?
  • What is an appropriate contribution margin or EBITDA analysis that would permit financial understanding of the product or acquisition?

The answers to these questions may be derived through consultation with Objective Analysis’ team of experts who routinely uncover data, forecast trends, and understand markets that are difficult for financial interests to evaluate or even to find major factors that will affect value.

This is a key skill of our analysts: triangulating on data points and industry insider information that cannot be determined through direct review of financials.

This is why you will find that our analysts are strongly affiliated with expert networks that bring them into paid consultations with fund managers several times every month.

The analysts at Objective Analysis specialize in uncovering information that is not generally available.

For the investor, this can make the difference in making high-value decisions to improve financial gain or to avoid a disappointing loss.

In the case of mergers and acquisitions, our analysis provides the benchmark by which a business success can be distinguished from a catastrophic failure.