The Micron/Intel 3D XPoint Memory, 2019 Update – Single User


This report is an in-depth evaluation of the new Intel-Micron 3D XPoint memory. It explains why and how crosspoint memories work and the manufacturing challenges they present, while examining the market and its impact on computing and its competition.

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Four years ago Micron and Intel introduced a new memory technology called “3D XPoint.”  Both companies have since introduced support for this technology, Intel with its “Optane” brand of SSDs and DIMMs, and Micron with its QuantX products.  Yet, very little 3D XPoint product is shipping.

What is this technology?  Why have these companies brought it to the market?  Why is it taking so long to grow?

In this detailed study Objective Analysis not only explains why and how 3D XPoint memory has been introduced, but we also explore how its market impact and how it will change the memory business for memory makers, OEMs, and end users.  The report also explains why Intel is losing so much money on 3D XPoint and why only Intel (and not even Intel’s partner Micron) stands to gain from its availability.

This study exhaustively examines the new memory’s technology and its place in the memory/storage hierarchy.

Readers will gain a thorough understanding of the new technology and its role in the future of computing to understand why 3D XPoint could be an important factor in years to come.

The study is based upon Objective Analysis’ thorough understanding of both technologies and markets, its years tracking the memory industry, and its deep background in both emerging memory technologies and computer architecture.

The single-user license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a PC, and up to three print copies to be circulated within a single department.

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