Are Chip Oligopolies Real? – Single User


Some semiconductor watchers hypothesize that recent industry consolidation has created an oligopoly that will end the business’ notorious revenue cycles.  This three-page brief explains the fallacy of that thinking. This is a single-user license.

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In the semiconductor industry, particularly in the DRAM sector, there has been significant consolidation leading some to hypothesize that there’s now an oligopoly that will cause prices to normalize and thus end the business’ notorious revenue cycles.  This Objective Analysis Brief takes a critical look at this argument to explain its fallacy.

This 3-page Brief explains the theory of oligopolies and uses its graphic to illustrate the fallacy that leads people into believing that a change has happened to the industry.

The single-user license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a PC, and up to three print copies to be circulated within a single department.

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