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Does YMTC’s “Xtacking” 3D NAND Make Sense? – Single User


YMTC plans to compete in the 3D NAND market using a proprietary stacked-chip technology. This three-page brief explains why this is happening and what it means to the industry. This is a single-user license.

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Considerable attention has recently been focused on YMTC, China’s new NAND flash manufacturer, and its groundbreaking “Xtacking” approach to 3D NAND production. This Brief performs a rough cost analysis on this technology to try and understand whether the company will be able to use this technique to produce NAND flash at competitive prices.

This 3-page Brief examines YMTC’s NAND flash design to determine its competitive position.  Two illustrations help to explain how the technology compares to standard 3D NAND.

The single-user license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a PC, and up to three print copies to be circulated within a single department.

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