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The emerging memory market (MRAM, ReRAM, PCM, FRAM, etc.)  has moved from introduction to volume production, and promises strong future growth.  Read this study to understand why, how, and when these technologies will displace today’s memory types, and in which markets this will first occur.  This study will be your starting point for a winning strategy to profit from this growing market.

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Emerging memories have progressed rapidly from introduction to mainstream production and this study illustrates how they are poised to blossom into a multi-billion dollar market in a few years, with non-Optane emerging memory revenues predicted to reach $44 billion by 2032.  Foundries are now producing meaningful volumes of SoCs with emerging memories and a growing list of memory chipmakers now supply standalone products.  Early adopters are already reaping benefits from their “First Mover” advantage.

Winning emerging memory strategies start with this study.

This year’s report marks the fifth edition of the acclaimed Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates joint study of the field of emerging memory technology.  The report thoroughly examines all leading emerging memory technologies , explaining how they compete against standard memories, both as standalone memory chips and in embedded SoC applications, like ASICs and MCUs.

This 231-page study not only provides detailed technical information about each technology, but it clearly explains how and why the market will grow, with illustrations of relevant market dynamics, 10-year forecasts, and outlines of 120 companies that are helping to drive the migration from today’s technologies to those of tomorrow.  The study’s forecasts plot out the growth path for emerging memory chips through 2032, and also show how that growth will drive increased sales of the capital equipment used to produce them.  An abundance of vendor profiles detail the capabilities of market leaders as well as startups.

Through this study the reader gains essential understanding of the technologies and business strategies for success in the field.  It is the starting point for developing a winning emerging memory strategy.  With its detailed view of the emerging memory competitive landscape, and the market drivers for these new technologies, the study shows how best to profit from the new memory market.

The single-user license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a PC, and up to three print copies to be circulated within a single department.

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