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New memories are starting to displace the established leaders.  This report compares emerging memory types to standard memories to explain why, how, and when these technologies will displace today’s technology, and in which markets this will first occur.  It gives guidance of how to profit from tomorrow’s memory markets.

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Emerging memories are becoming prevalent, and are well on their way to reach $36 billion of combined revenues by 2030.  Memory manufacturers and foundries need to pay close attention to this change or they will be left behind when the transition occurs.  Those who understand it will have a profound competitive advantage.

This report is your guidebook to implementing an effective emerging memory strategy.

The study is the 2020 update to the popular work jointly produced by Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates.  It exhaustively examines emerging memory technologies and their interaction with standard memories, both as stand-alone memory chips and in embedded applications (the memories within logic SoCs like ASICs and MCUs).

The publication is a well of technical information, market dynamics, 10-year forecasts, and outlines of nearly 100 companies that are deeply involved in this transition.  Its detailed forecasts illustrate how the markets will grow not only for the technologies themselves, but also for the capital equipment used to produce them.  Vendor profiles introduce the reader to the plans of both leading and nascent market participants.

Purchasers of this report will understand the competitive emerging memory chip landscape, will learn the market drivers for these new technologies, and will find out how to profit from tomorrow’s new memory markets.

The site license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a server, and up to ten print copies to be circulated both of which are limited to a single geographical company site.

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