Why is Intel Subsidizing 3D XPoint Memory? – Site License


Intel’s 3D XPoint Optane memory is losing money. This two-page brief explores the impact of those losses. This is a site license for a single geographical site.

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Intel’s Nonvolatile Solutions Group (NSG) has been losing money for several quarters, despite the fact that these same past quarters have been some of the most profitable in the history of the NAND flash market. This Objective Analysis Brief explains how and why this is happening.

This 2-page Brief examines Intel’s Optane/XPoint strategy and explains the effort’s financial losses.  A graphical depiction of those losses help the reader to understand the magnitude of the problem.

The site license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a server, and up to ten print copies to be circulated both of which are limited to a single geographical company site.

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