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Will NAND Flash and DRAM Be Displaced by Something New? – Site License


ReRAM, MRAM, FRAM, PCM, etc. have for years promised to replace DRAM or NAND. This three-page brief explains why this promise exists and why it has failed to materialize. This is a site license for a single geographical site.

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For decades researchers have worked on new memory technologies that are hoped to displace the entrenched technologies used in nearly every application: RAM (DRAM or SRAM) and Flash (NAND or NOR.)  DRAM and NAND continue to stay ahead of these technologies. This Objective Analysis Brief explains the promise of these technologies and explains why they have consistently failed to become important.

This 3-page Brief explores the possibility that ReRAM, MRAM, FRAM, PCM, etc. might replace DRAM or NAND.  A graph illustrates what a new technology must do to replace an existing one.

The site license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a server, and up to ten print copies to be circulated both of which are limited to a single geographical company site.

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