White Papers

Objective Analysis’ staff is pleased to help clients and trade organizations produce high-quality white papers. These white papers cover a wide range of topics including technologies, companies, markets, or events, and typically range from 4-10 pages in length. These can be produced either as documents from the client company or using the Objective Analysis brand.

The following list provides a representative sampling of the quality of white papers produced by Objective Analysis.

August 2022
The Future of the Data Center

April 2021
The Future of Low-Latency Memory

June 2018
New Memories for Efficient Computing

April 2017
Survey Update: Users Share Their 2017 Storage Performance Needs (with SNIA)

February 2017
Politics Pushes Business, Semiconductors (2017 Forecast)

August 2016
Why Wait for Storage Class Memory? A white paper on Netlist’s HybriDIMM

February, 2016
2015 Reflections and 2016 Forecast

March 2014
Matching Flash to the Processor

February 2014
Comparing Apple’s and Samsung’s Economies of Scale

July 2013
Using Flash as Memory – A More Straightforward Way to Boost Performance

June 2012
Making the Most of Flash Storage

February 2012
Enterprise Reliability, Solid State Speed

April 2011
NoC Interconnect Improves SoC Economics

February 2011
Two May be Better Than One: Why Hard Disk Drives and Flash Belong Together (with SNIA)

November 2010
Choosing the Right Solid State Storage Device: A Case Study of the SNIA SSSI Performance Test Specification

June 2010
NVELO’s Dataplex, NAND Cache is Back!

September 2009
Flash and HDD: Symbiosis or Survival of the Fittest?

August 2009
Phase-Change Memory Becomes a Reality

April 2009
NAND Flash Storage for the Enterprise – an In-Depth Look at Reliability (with SNIA)

January 2009
Solid State Storage 101 (with SNIA)

January 2008
Why We Need a New Memory Technology