Semiconductor Market Research

David Christensen

David ChristensenDavid Christensen comes to Objective Analysis after a 17-year career as an Analyst at Gartner Research, where he was part of the Semiconductor Manufacturing group. Mr. Christensen was responsible for the research and publication of a number of highly-specialized in-depth quarterly semiconductor manufacturing reports, including Gartner’s:

  • Forecast Analysis: Capital Spending and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Worldwide
  • Forecast: Semiconductor Wafer Fab Capacity, Worldwide
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Forecast (Implant, Clean Room, Thermal and Epitaxy segments)

Mr. Christensen was also responsible for the research and publication of the quarterly Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Plant Database (Fab DB) and the semi-annual Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test Database (OSAT DB) published quarterly and semi-annually respectively in the Semiconductor Manufacturing space. While at Gartner, Mr. Christensen presented research findings at industry conferences and customer sites in the US, South Korea and Japan including SEMICON West and SEMICON Korea.  He performed primary and secondary research in the semiconductor manufacturing group and interacted with clients on recently published research and current trends in the semiconductor industry.

After leaving Gartner, Mr. Christensen founded FabDataFacts, a company which offers publications of market research in the semiconductor manufacturing space including an OSATS and Wafer Bumping Sites DB.

Should say something about skills like presenting, writing, thoroughness (after all, these are DATABASES, for Pete’s sake!) and whatever your boss or clients have commended you on during your illustrious career at Gartner.  Also, are you a member of any professional organizations?  Which conferences have you spoken at?  Have you written any articles for the trade press?  are you a member of any expert services networks (like the Gerson Lehrman Group – GLG)? Anything and EVERYTHING that you can say to promote yourself belongs in here.

Mr. Christensen is a graduate of Brigham Young University.  Prior to joining Gartner in 2000, he taught in Hayward, CA.

Mr. Christensen can be contacted directly at David.Christensen(at), or by telephone at +1 (925) 984-3893.