Lane Mason

Lane Mason

Sadly, Lane Mason passed away at the end of 2023.

Lane was a highly-respected 50-year veteran of the semiconductor industry.  Throughout his career, he focused solely on the semiconductor memory markets, and became well-known as an analyst with a keen insight into quantitative analysis.

Prior to his work at Objective Analysis, a post he held for 16 years, Mr. Mason was the resident analyst at Denali Software (now a part of Cadence Design Automation) from 2000 – 2009, where he ran Denali’s memory webcasts, the annual Denali MemCon conference, and contributed to the company’s blogs and other activities that support the company’s product and market development initiatives. His work at Denali followed a career as analyst and in marketing roles in the semiconductor memory business.

Known for his ability to see the whole picture clearly when confronted with a sea of numbers, Lane was the pragmatist’s pragmatist, a characteristic that permeated his approach to product and technology strategy. Lane’s approach to the semiconductor industry was “all business,” leaving nothing to doubt about the difference between a company’s current path and the changes required to achieve success. He had an uncanny way of accurately forecasting success and failure years before his predictions finally play out.

Mr. Mason’s background included ten years at Dataquest (now Gartner), five years as an independent consultant operating as “Viking Research,” and five years in product and strategic marketing roles at IBM Microelectronics (where he helped to manage the company’s SGRAM and first 256Mb DRAM) and at VIS Micro. As a consultant, he helped to formulate successful product and procurement strategies for leading technology companies including Apple Computer, National Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, LG Semiconductor, and Celestica.

Mason earned his BS in Physics from the California Institute of Technology.