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China has left no doubt that it will play an important role in tomorrow’s memory chip market.  This report compares this new campaign to similar ones performed in the past both in China and in other regions and explains the impact it is likely to have on memory chip markets and on semiconductors as a…

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China has detailed an investment plan and an organizational structure to create an important presence in the memory chip market.  With its phenomenal resources and its centrally-planned economy the country is very likely to successfully penetrate the market to the detriment of today’s current suppliers.

This report details the plans of the Chinese government, and explains how when and why the memory chip business will respond to China’s existing plans.

Along the way readers will see comparisons of China’s campaign to those undertaken by Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in the past.  They will also learn how China has undertaken similar efforts in the past in everything from textiles to photovoltaics, including a prior semiconductor effort in the early 2000s that had limited success.

Recommendations are provided for semiconductor manufacturers (both existing as well as emerging suppliers), OEM purchasers of memories, tool makers, and investors.

Readers will learn how the strategies used by China’s government compare against those of other countries, and how this can lead to trade friction and eventual changes to the legal systems of both sides.

The report culminates with forecasts that explain in detail how the memory chip and total semiconductor markets will respond to the addition of an important new supplier.

The site license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a server, and up to ten print copies to be circulated both of which are limited to a single geographical company site.

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