Profiting from the NVDIMM Market – Single-User


Our NVDIMM report takes an exhaustive look at the growing nonvolatile DIMM market. Its 80 pages detail the technology, the competitive landscape, market drivers with a forecast through 2021. Competitive analysis is included for 13 NVDIMM suppliers.

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NVDIMMs, introduced in 2009, are finally gaining widespread adoption. This device is not only used as fail-safe storage for both storage arrays (SAN) and hyperscale data centers, but is also helping to accelerate software development for future computing systems that will use persistent memory (PM –sometimes known as storage class memory, or SCM).

This report investigates NVDIMM technology, its use, and its future, while explaining how and why it is just now gaining market traction.

Starting with an outline of the technology, and explaining how and why it is used, this study thoroughly explores NVDIMM applications and explains the technology’s appeal in each application. The report includes market dynamics and a competitive analysis of 13 important NVDIMM makers. Read this to understand users’ wants and needs, the competitive landscape, and market drivers.

This 80-page report compiles information that Objective Analysis has acquired from extensive field interviews with NVDIMM manufacturers, OEMs, standards bodies, the design community, and end users. It concludes with unit shipment and revenue forecasts by NVDIMM type. .

A full 42 figures and 14 tables bring clarity to the technology, the market, the participants, and the market’s future.

All sides of the NVDIMM market are explained including important market drivers with history and market projections of the technology. The study’s rigorous approach clarifies key points and success factors to help readers understand the opportunities as well as the pitfalls that await all participants.

The single-user license allows one electronic copy to be stored on a PC, and up to three print copies to be circulated within a single department.

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